What are the Different Jobs you can have in the Police Force?

It is National Police week. Do you want to be in the police force? There are many different jobs that you can have in the police force. A few types of police jobs are uniformed officers, detectives, sheriffs, wardens, border patrol, etc.

Uniformed Officers

These policemen are also just known as regular police. They are the ones that pull you over for speeding or file a police report in a car accident. These are the ones that get the most backlash on social media yet the first to respond when we need them the most. We would classify this police job as high risk.


These are the police that every kid wants to be growing up. This job requires a lot of skill and patience. This job can come with a lot of perks but also a lot of pressure. As a detective, it is up to you to find out who is responsible for the crime.


These are the head of a particular facility. Could be the head of a prison. This job may sound easy but could be one of the hardest jobs. Yes, you are dealing with people already in prison, but you are also dealing with all kinds of people that got to prison in different ways.

Border Patrols

These policemen are often at the country’s borders. In the US you deal with a lot of people trying to cross the border illegally because of the opportunities in the US. These officers must be always smart and very aware of their surroundings.

These are a few of the different jobs you can have while working in the Force. The one thing in common about all these positions is they serve the people. That is why we should always show our appreciation to everyone that serves. Here at Spivey, we also love to serve. We may serve a little differently than police officers, but we still serve our clients and lead them in the right direction, which is to protect them and their assets . Just like police officers need to have patience, skill, knowledge, and awareness so do insurance agents. Follow our social media for more blogs  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest!

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