What Do I Need to Know About My Insurance?

In respect for Insurance Awareness Day this month. Today is the day you need to look over your coverages and policies. Insurance Awareness day was created so that as your life progresses, so do your insurance policies.


You may not know what to look for or what you are looking at even means. That is why it is most important to have an agent to call. Your Agent will review your coverages in detail with you. Often, they will notice coverages you may be lacking that you did not know you were not covered for. It is extremely important to have an agent that you also have a relationship with. Not only is it our job to protect our customers, but we WANT to protect them.


Do you know what policies you have? Most of the time you know you have Auto insurance and probably home insurance. Do you know that you need a separate policy for Boats or RV’s? Do you know that expensive items that you own need to be scheduled on your home insurance policy to receive replacement cost value of the item(s)? Life insurance is supposed to cover your Debt when you die as well as funeral costs. Do you know how much life insurance you have? As well as, if you have it through your work it is meaningless when/if you leave that job. There are many more examples that your agent would be sure to communicate with you.


Most of all, do you know the amounts you are covered for? You may have an Auto policy but if you have minimum limits because you want the minimum price, your accident could cost you more than you think. Do you know that an average cost for a car accident is over 60,000? An average cost for death by car accident is over 1,000,000. Do you know that same applies for businesses? There are plenty of lawsuits that come about, 36-53% of small businesses are sued each year. Do you have enough coverage?

Spivey wants our customers to be educated when it comes to your insurance policies. Do not wait until it is too late. Talk to your Spivey Professional today and go over all your coverages so you feel confident about your insurance. Also follow us on social media to constantly be updated on Blogs and Vlogs Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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