What to do Before Choosing a Correct College?

Since college application is in full swing we wanted to share some quick tips on how to prepare your son or daughter to get into their dream college. Here at Spivey Insurance group we wanted to share tips on how to to help your child pick the right college. See these handful of tips on how to make your on campus experience the best when visiting colleges.

  1. Ask plenty of questions. There is no such thing as a dumb questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions about extracular activities, meal plans, classroom size, and room and board.
  2. Request to meet facility around campus. Make sure you set time when you are touring to sit with the professors. This will help you better understand the professor and how the campus operates.
  1. Meet with the financial advisor. This is a great time to ask questions regarding financial aid. College is expensive and talking with a professional can help make the decisions easier.

  2. Let your student take the lead. As hard as it is to let you son/daughter go make sure they interact and get to know current students. Meeting other students will help them get a good feel of what college life is all about.
  1. Schedule the visit ahead of time. Make sure you call and schedule the tour ahead of time because they get booked up far in advance.
  1. Go Shopping for the correct dorm room supplies. Make sure to get the correct cable cord and HDMI cable, charging cords, and surge protectors. The decorations are important, but make sure get the proper equipment.

Here at Spivey Insurance we want to make sure your family has an enjoyable college tour visit. Please follow these quick tips on how your son/daughter can become successful when applying to college. There are proven studies that having dogs in the office help with stress and productivity. We would love to see your college tour pictures! Make sure to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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