What You Must Know Before Purchasing Charlotte Condo Insurance

The main we reason we all buy insurance is to protect ourselves financially in case of a disaster. 

It makes sense that if you own a car or home you buy insurance to protect it.
What if you are renting an apartment or living in a condo or townhouse? 
The same protection is required but sometimes we find that clients think they are already covered by the condo association. 
That is not correct and we want to make you aware that you certainly need additional insurance coverage. 
The needs that a condo or townhouse owner are different than that of a typical homeowner. 
Condo insurance protects your personal possessions in the event of a disaster. The Condo Association does not protect your personal stuff. 
What if you wanted to make some improvements or remodel your condo? 
You may do a lot of work that greatly increases the value of your condo or townhouse.
If you have a good condo insurance policy, all of those improvements would be covered. 
We’ve been in the insurance business a long time and we know the ins and outs of condo and townhouse insurance in the Charlotte, NC area. 
Call us today and use our experience and knowledge to help you find the right coverage and the best rates anywhere.
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