When Should I Consider Workers Comp Insurance?

I know that most of the time people do not feel like Workers Compensation is necessary, or they do not think they have enough employees to need the coverage. While North Carolina may not require Workers Compensation until you have 3 or more employees, you may not want to risk it. In this industry, I see more Workers Compensations claims than General Liability claims.

The most common excuse is “I know all of my employees” or “my employees are like family”. Well believe it or not, even family members can sue you and your business. If you have a business and you have at least one employee, you are at risk. If that employee were slip and fall while working for you, that would be a hospital bill potentially going your way. I say potentially because they are like family, right?

If you have Workers Compensation coverage than you will not have to stress about your employees getting hurt on the job. Because no matter how they get hurt, if they are working for you, it becomes your problem too. Keep in mind there are a lot of fraudulent people that can finesse the system. Do not be the employer who goes bankrupt because they did not want to spend $80 a month to have Workers Compensation Insurance. This is only for you and your businesses protection. As an agent, it is our duty to be sure that you have all the coverage your business needs so that if a claim were to happen your business would be protected.

Spivey is known for protecting businesses assets. We insured hundreds of different kinds of businesses. We have also seen it all. Call us today and see if your business needs Workers Compensation Insurance. You can also learn more by going to our VLOG. You can keep up with all of our social media as well Vlogs Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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