2013 New Year Resolutions

There are some New Year’s resolutions that will never go out of style. These often involve weight, education, relationships and self-improvement. People who identify as unhappy are more likely to try to change their lives with resolutions. The tricky part about making these resolutions, however, is to stick with them and see them through. The majority of people don’t. Each type of resolution requires a slightly different outlook.

The most common resolution, with more than half of all Americans on board, is to spend more time with friends and family members. You are more likely to achieve this goal if you make a specific plan than a general one. Make an effort to invite family and friends over at least once a month, for example. This will help you stay on track.

The second most common resolutions involve losing weight. When it comes to meeting fitness goals, it is more likely that you will meet them if you establish the specifics first. It is generally easier to meet weekly workout goals than to try and lose a certain number of pounds. Rather than setting out to lose 20 pounds, you should set out to run two times a week and to eat three servings of vegetables each day.

People often make the resolution to stop smoking cigarettes or to stop drinking. Some people fare well by cutting down to begin with, rather than cutting these things out altogether. Getting involved with a program or smoking cessation class can make the process easier.

It comes as no surprise, looking at the economy, that many Americans want to get out of debt. Money is a huge source of stress for families across the nation. It is a good idea to create a calendar that shows off realistic mini-goals. You should also focus on paying the smallest bills first, getting them out of the way so you can later focus on the more difficult ones.


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