10 Mental Health Tips

It is easy in life to get overwhelmed, stressed, and tired. All these conditions can affect your mental health. Working on improving your mental health can improve your overall well-being. Why not live every-day to its fullest potential? Here are 10 tips to improving your overall mental health.
1.Know that you cannot change a situation by worrying.
2.Live in the moment. Embrace your senses to their fullest potential.
3.Do not be afraid to say no. You do not have to please everyone. Do what makes YOU happy.
4.Complete Physical activity. Increase those endorphins not only throughout your body, but in your mind as well!
5.Show gratitude. Tell people who mean something in your life how appreciative you are of them.
6.Feel your feelings. Covering up your feelings or avoiding them all together can make your mind weak and dark. Open inly expressing how you feel will spark communication in your mind.
7.Step in the sunshine. Sunlight gives you Vitamin D, which can improve your health. Stand in the sun 10-15 minutes a day can take ease off your mind.
8.Learn New Ideas. Continuous leaning keeps the mind stimulating. Try to learn something new everyday.
9.Make leisure time. Taking the time out of your day to sit down and relax will not only rest your body, but your mind as well.
10.Breathe. As simple as it may sound, taking the time to breathe will open your mind up and improve your over-all wellness.

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