Cleaning Up Your Diet

There is good food, and there is bad food. At times we find ourselves indulging in unhealthy food options. Why is this? Food is complicated. We are lucky enough to live in a world where fresh food is in the palm of our hand; yet, we do not always take advantage of this. This upward trend in diabetes and obesity in American proves this. If you want to clean up your diet, here are some tips on how.
Don’t buy it. Go back to the old fashion days where you used a pen and pencil to make your grocery list, and make sure you stick to this list when you are in the grocery store.
Stick to the edges. When grocery shopping, most of the natural, whole food products are on the outside parameter of the grocery store. Taking the loop around the store will limit what you put in your shopping cart.
80-20 Approach. Have you ever heard of this approach? Try making your diet 80% natural and whole foods, while the other 20% is for wiggle room.
Revamp your Grains. Instead of eating white flour and refined grains, switch it to whole grains. Choosing brown grains will also eliminate your intake of process foods.
Limit your Liquids. Cleaning up your diet does not only mean food. Try to watch what your drink. Avoid surgery drinks such as soda and alcohol, and always increase your water intake.

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