4 Tips For RV Insurance

Are you jumping on the road this summer with your RV to travel? Have you thought about insuring your RV? Although it is recreational vehicle, it is so much more than just a vehicle. It is vehicle that gives your housing for the time being. Take the time to get the right insurance coverage for your RV. Here are some insurance tips when it comes to your RV.
1.Is RV insurance seasonal, or yearly? Many insurance policies will only cover your RV during a particular season, and that season is now. But if you travel year-round with your RV, tell your insurance agent so they can design a policy for you.
2.Protect your Investment. Whether your RV is brand new or has been in the family for years, RV’s can be a chunk of your money. Look into adding loan or lease protection to your RV insurance incase of an accident that can total your RV completely.
3.Do you have roadside assistance? Maintenance accidents are avoidable when on the road. Flat time? Cracked windshield? Your RV can have a roadside assistance just as you would insure a vehicle. Roadside assistance is an add on to your RV insurance policy.
4.Saving on your RV insurance. One way to save on your RV insurance is to insure your RV with the same carrier as your auto and home insurance. As much as you rather be spending your money on enjoying your RV than insuring it, having insurance coverage will save stress down the road.
RV insurance is a mash up between home insurance and auto insurance. Therefore, there is a lot that can go into insuring your RV. Connect with an insurance agent at Spivey Insurance Group to create an RV insurance plan that is perfect for your travels. Check out Colby’s Quick Tips on RV’s. Call one of our agents at 704-821-4460. Share your RV experiences and where you will be traveling too this summer with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus!

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