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4 Types of Insurance (Almost) Every Landscaper Needs

Landscaping is a tough job. Not only does it consist of a lot of physical labor, but there are a number of tools and pieces of equipment needed in order to get the job done. Those who run landscaping companies understand the importance of having the right insurance protection.

With so many different moving pieces, from equipment to vehicles, it’s crucial to have coverage in place, just in case something goes wrong. Here are four types of insurance that every landscape business owner should seriously consider purchasing.

General Liability Insurance

Working in the yard of a home or business comes with its share of potential accidents. From accidentally digging up a water pipe or buried electrical line to sending rocks through the windows, anything can happen. Landscapers need to have general liability insurance in place for all of these reasons and more. The coverage also includes injuries, should the client trip over the equipment and break a bone or otherwise injure themselves. There are many other incidents that general liability insurance covers, making it a great protection to have in place. Having to pay for damages out of pocket can be financially devastating to any landscaper.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Since landscaping is a tough, very physical job, the potential for injury is present every minute of the workday. Landscaper employees can easily end up with cuts that need stitches, broken bones, or even worse injuries. Since they were hurt on the job, they qualify for workers’ compensation insurance, as it could be the company’s fault for those injuries. Without workers’ compensation insurance, the landscape company could end up having to pay for those medical bills, treatments, and lost wages out of pocket, which might cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Having this type of protection in place is always a good practice.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

How many vehicles do landscapers drive during the course of a workday? No doubt, there are many, including dump trucks, heavy duty pickup trucks, bobcats, scrapers, utility vehicles, and more. Plus, there are numerous trailers used to haul all of the necessary equipment, including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and edgers. With so much money sunk into these vehicles, it makes sense to have them protected. Standard auto insurance policies have monetary limitations that do not cover the total worth of landscaping vehicles. Thankfully, commercial vehicle insurance policies do, which is why a landscaping company should have several of them in place.

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether a landscaper works out of a standard office building that has a warehouse attached or chooses to operate out of a small building that essentially like an auto garage with plenty of storage, the building needs to be protected. There are so many things that can go wrong, leaving the company without the use of its vehicles and equipment, including fires, floods, and even wind damage that collapses the roof. Choosing a good commercial property insurance policy will cover the building and all of its contents, just in case the worst happens.

Clearly, every landscape business owner wants to protect their assets and their business. Need help deciding which policies are best for your particular business? Contact Spivey Insurance today to learn more and protect yourself, your employees, and your business – we’ll get you setup with the right landscaping insurance policies as the best possible rates.

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