4th of July Safety Precautions to Remember

The Fourth of July is a time for gathering with family and friends and celebrating. Sometimes these celebrations take a frightening turn, however, when safety is neglected. One of the most common issues during this holiday is burn injuries, but that is not the only hazard. Have a safer Fourth of July by following these safety precautions.

Have an Adult Present with Kids at All Times

Whether you are shooting off fireworks, hosting a barbecue or watching firework displays in public areas, make sure an adult stays with the children at all times. Curious children may suffer burns from lighting fireworks or touching hot grill tops. In public areas, they can easily wander off and get lost among the crowd.

Never BBQ Indoors or in Enclosed Areas

Not only do BBQ grills pose fire hazards, combustions, especially when using charcoal or wood, creates carbon monoxide. Use your barbecue only outdoors in an open area. Even a garage with the door open may be too enclosed and allow a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide gas.

Never Shoot off Fireworks over Trees or Buildings

Sparks from the fireworks may start fires anywhere they land. If you are shooting off fireworks, shoot them away from dwellings, trees, brush and bystanders.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

When shooting off fireworks, using sparklers or even when barbecuing, keep a fire extinguisher nearby to put out small fires before they can grow. Remember that it will take the fire department time to get to you, and they will likely be very busy on that holiday.

Avoid Illegal Fireworks

Illegal fireworks are usually made illegal because they pose extra fire or personal injury hazards. You can usually be assured that fireworks bought within your area are legal to use in the same area. Note however that all fireworks pose some risk and should be handled with care and by an adult only.

None of these safety precautions will diminish the fun you can have on this holiday. On the contrary, they might ensure everyone has a better, healthier time.

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