5 Easy Tips to Organize Medical Information

October, this month, is the month to get your medical information organized!

During a health emergency, or anytime when medical information is essential to have we usually can’t place our hands on what we need. You now have task to do, organize your medical information into a profile.


1)   Create a health profile – List the following information along with relevant dates: any surgeries or significant treatments, any conditions or illnesses you were diagnosed with in the past or have currently, and any food or environmental allergies you have. Make a second list that details diseases or health problems immediate family members have had, in case there could be a genetic component.

2)   List your prescriptions – List the following information for each prescription and OTC drugs as well as vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements you take on a regular basis: the name (brand and generic, if applicable), the dosage amount and frequency, the doctor’s name who prescribed it and the reason for the medication (what condition it’s for).

3)   Complete the legal documents – There are two key documents that relate to your healthcare: a living will and a health care power of attorney. Take care of that ASAP!

4)   Compile your insurance information – List your home and auto insurance, life, health or disability insurances, those policies that are part of membership benefits or are for specific illnesses.

5)   Think ICE – In your cell phone’s contact list, identify key family members and/or friends with the ICE designation before their name: “ICE My Son Joe” or “ICE Mom.” Also, include the name of your doctors—“ICE Dr. Smith, Cardiologist.”

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