5 Helpful Pumpkin Carving Tips!

Halloween is lurking close by with candy, spooky decorations and plenty of carved pumpkins!
Jack O’Lanterns or carved pumpkins are always fun to make. The tradition has roots that lead back to Ireland. The Irish myth that made carving pumpkins popular actually was a practice done by the Irish, and then the English adopted the idea. Eventually making “Jack O’Lanterns” became a US tradition.

If you and your family carve a pumpkin this year, follow these 5 steps to keep everyone safe!

1)   Watch Where You Put Your Hands. 
Be mindful of where you put your free hand while carving.

2)   Saw Instead of Slice
. Gently saw back and forth through the pumpkin to complete your design

3)   Knife Selection. The knife that’s included in a pumpkin carving kit you find at the store is a great example of what you should use. That type of knife usually has a serrated blade that’s not as sharp as the kitchen knives you have at home. Sharper isn’t better when it comes to pumpkin carving, and the serrated edge will make your work even easier.

4)   Make a Workstation. Set up your carving workstation on a well-lit dry surface. You don’t want those pumpkins to slip and slide! Use a tray or jar to store your tools when not in use.

5)   Have Fun! You are creating a masterpiece. Be proud of your work!

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