Find out what Chris Spivey’s Staff says about Him on “Boss’s Day”

Look what the staff is saying about our leader….Chris Spiveychris boss day

“I’ve been at Spivey Insurance for going on 18 years….Chris is not just my boss but my friend.  He always allows my family to come before my job which is unheard of these days….his wife prays for each of us everyday as well!  How blessed am I to have a job and bosses like  that? We work hard up here, but laugh harder !!! Happy Bosses Day!!!! “

Valerie Cox


Roses are Red

Violets are blue

I have been mad at you

A time or two


But in spite of those times

When you made me mad

You gave me a paycheck

And that made me glad


You have been the brunt

Of many a good joke,

But you stood tall and for that I

Call you good folk!


I have been your employee

For over 9 years,

And we have become family

Sharing joy and tears.


When everything has been said and done

CHRIS SPIVEY makes working for him

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! 🙂


Angie Cassada


“Chris as a boss is understanding and helpful to me.  Never harsh or demeaning in nature.  I have gained lots of respect over the years for how he works hard for our clients. He shows great character. I love being part of his team.”

Jim Short


“I am so fortunate to work for a boss who genuinely cares about his employees and his customers. Chris is such a wonderful man whose morals and faith are to be admired! He goes out of his way to make sure that people and his employees feel the respect they truly deserve.  I honestly feel like part of a large; somewhat dysfunctional at times lol, but a large family in this office and it’s all due to leadership and having such a great man as our head honcho =) .

Lindsay Loudermilk


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