Breast Cancer Gala

Everyone is aware of breast cancer and of all the things that we do, such as wear pink to provide support to those who we may know that have or had breast cancer. However, our community has a local support system that not only wears pink, but informs people how to help our women with breast cancer.


Our community is very fortunate to have Cindy’s Hope Chest. Cindy and her team of compassionate women in the community assist women in our local communities that have breast cancer. She and her team are very powerful, uplifting women that aim to help women win over cancer, spiritually, physically and mentally. They provide anything from house cleaning services to items in need or wanted by the women affected by breast cancer.


It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves, and our powerful women in our community! November 9th, 7pm – midnight is a chance for all of us to do just that, help raise funds for our women in the community.


There will be lots of laughter, food, dancing and fun!
There are different ways of getting involved and giving back to our women. Visit http://cindyshopechest.org.


Make sure to go under the event tab and get your tickets while you are there!


Also, make sure you visit them on Facebook!




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