5 Surprising Things That Can Be Covered by Your Homeowners

Yes, a Homeowners Policy is made and is used to protect your home. Although, there is much more that is protected than just the physical structure of your home if you have the right policy. The right policy can cover things around your home and even those things that aren’t at your home, but you need the right policy in order to get the additional coverage.

Some homeowners may know that some medical expenses can be covered by their homeowner’s policy. Medical bills for guests who are injured at your home is something that is covered. If someone is hanging out at your home, and if something unfortunate occurs your homeowners insurance policy can cover.

  1. It’s odd, but very true: fire departments can charge you for responding to a call. A homeowner’s policy can compensate you for an emergency call up to a certain limit.
  2. If bad weather happens and trees or plants are damaged you could be compensated for your loss. Which is handy, considering the cost of plants and landscaping these days. Keep in mind that there’s a limit (typically about $500 per item), but you can always increase the coverage amount to meet your needs.
  3. Your college student is still dependant on you so its important to keep them protected! Their possessions are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy (since, technically, their belongings is also yours). So, if someone steals your son or daughter’s tablet or something that aids them in education your home insurer should take care of it.
  4. The goods in your fridge can also be covered by your homeowners. That’s right! . Say a big storm knocks out the power and everything in your fridge spoils. Don’t worry! Your homeowners coverage will likely step in to help. Typically, coverage is capped at $500. But a deductible usually doesn’t apply meaning you could replace your groceries without feeling the pinch in your wallet.

Let us create the right policy for you today to take care of all of your homeowner needs!

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