5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Flowers or a box of chocolates are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but perhaps you have something a little different in mind. In that spirit, here are five creative gift ideas for your significant other.

1. A Poem or Song

If you really want something creative, special and lasting, write a poem or song. Better yet, take advantage of the Internet. Create something that you can share beyond just the two of you, and then share it using a platform like Facebook where you can involve your shared family and friends.

2. A Home-Cooked 5-Star Meal

Cooking for your loved one is a fun and memorable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Consider perhaps going outside your comfort zone and cooking something super special; but make sure it’s something that he or she will enjoy.

3. Organic Chocolates

If you do want to give a box of chocolates but in an interesting way, then consider a box of organic chocolates. Perhaps nothing takes the guilt out of eating chocolates than eating organic, fair-trade chocolates. Another option is to choose chocolates associated with a cause, such as a box of chocolates that costs more but donates much of the proceeds to a children’s hospital.

4. Adopt a Cause

Adopting a cause is a fantastic approach to symbolize your love in a substantial way. Perhaps the most traditional gifts along these lines are puppies and kittens. Other adopt-a-cause options include school gardens, a community service, a hummingbird or even a coral reef.

5. Shared Classes

Classes are a great way to share an extended experience with your loved one. That experience is a superb opportunity to bond and enrich the relationship. Perhaps the most obvious class is the dance class, but options can extend to any interest, including cooking, pottery and even MMA.

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