5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Theft Free This Holiday Season

McCauley Culkin was home alone when the mean burglars came to rob his family, and the Grinch stole Christmas from right under the noses of the sleeping Whos in Whoville. Alright, alright we know both of those stories had a funny and happy ending, but we can bet if you are the victim of a home burglary this holiday season, the ending won’t seem as happy… and definitely not funny!

Unfortunately, with all of the excitement around the holiday season, many home owners do not consider that this is a very tempting time for home burglars. However, the good news is that a lot of your holiday décor and some preparation will go a long way in helping you be sure your home is theft free this holiday season.

•    Keep your home well lit – if you are stringing lights around your home’s exterior; opt for the white lights instead of the colored lights. Not only are they brighter, but they are more cost effective, too!

•    Monitor your mail – the holidays are a popular time to be receiving gifts and packages in the mail and these are very easy for someone to pick up and walk away with. Try to get to your mailbox right away and not leave anything around outside and in sight for too long.

•    If you happen to make a big purchase, avoid leaving the boxes outside of your home. This is very tempting to a potential burglar.

•    Avoid keeping your interior in plain sight – especially if you have a tree stacked with presents underneath.

•    If you are hosting a neighborhood holiday party, be sure to monitor the door and know who is coming in and out of your home at all times.

Of course, the usual rules apply: always keep your doors and windows locked, never leave a spare key lying around, and if you can, invest in a good home security system. If you have any questions about home security systems, or even how to protect your home from theft through your homeowner’s insurance policy, give us a call!


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