7 Safest Cars for Teen Drivers


One of the most exciting, but yet scariest times for a parent is when their child turns 16 and gets their license. Parents become overwhelmed when choosing what type of car to buy. Safety and cost are the most important things parents are concerned with which is very different from what teens have in mind. The safety of your child is extremely important. Teen drivers need to be aware of safe driving habits, including seatbelt use and avoidance of cell phones while driving. It’s also important to be behind the wheel of a safe and reliable vehicle. Regardless of the type of vehicle and if it is brand new or used, keeping it well-maintained is crucial. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has performed tests on new 2014 vehicles based on specific safety features that protect against collisions and injuries including:

The top picks are based on seven different types of cars. One thing to remember when choosing a car for your teen driver is insurance rates will vary depending on the type of car and if their driving record is clean.

1. Sub-compact cars: The winner is the Chevrolet Spark.
2. Small hybrids: One of the most famous hybrids is the Toyota Prius and this car was voted the safest in this particular category.
3. Small compact-non hybrid cars: The winner of this category is the Ford Focus-4 Door Sedan.
4. Small All-Wheel Drive Cars: Subaru Impreza wins this category because of how well it handles dangerous and hazardous road conditions.
5. Mid-Sized Sedans: This category had two winners, Honda Accords and Ford Fusions.
6. Mid-sized 4-Wheel Drive Cars: The winner of this category is the Subaru Outback. The Outback, like the Impreza is extremely safe because it handles well in hazardous conditions.
7. Small SUV: The winner is the Mazda CX-5. The CX-5 is the perfect size vehicle for parents to know their children are safe.

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