April Showers Bring May Flowers, Flood Insurance

You have probably heard the saying before, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Sometimes those April showers can be too much for our home or personal property to handle. According to the Weather Channel, North Carolina is predicted to get up to 3.5 inches of rain in the month of April. A combination of how much rain falls with how quickly it falls increased chances of flooding. When flooding is predicted there are two main types of warning that you should be aware of. A Flash Flood watch warning means that flash flooding is possible within designated areas. A Flash Flood Warning means that flooding has been reported in certain areas and you should seek higher ground.
Do not have to worry about your home damages when a flood occurs. At Spivey Insurance Group, we can create a flood insurance policy that is the exact fit for your home, whether it is a condo, apartment, or house. As well as making sure that your home insurance policy will cover any damages. We can also create a coverage plan for rental properties as well! Basic home insurance policies include coverage of the physical property, any detached building such as a shed or garage, the personal property you have, and liability coverage incase of a lawsuit. However, we know that a standard policy does not fit everyone. If you live in a high-flood plan zone, the chance of flooding this month can increase. Make sure your home insurance policy and flood insurance policy incase anything get damaged. If you have any questions about your home insurance policy, give Spivey Insurance Group a call at 704-821-4460. Stay alert with Spivey Insurance Group on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. Plus!

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