Are You Insuring Your Valuable Jewelry?

Did you get engaged over the Valentines Day weekend? Or perhaps you were passed down a piece of family jewelry that is now in your trusty hands. According to the Huffington Post, around six million American’s received an engagement ring this Valentines Day. Did you ever think of insuring expensive jewelry? When wearing your new ring or any jewelry, the last thing you want to worry about is if gets damaged or even missing. Within your home insurance plan already, you can add a protection policy to insurance your expensive assets. As always, at Spivey Insurance Group, we can customize a home insurance policy to include all your expensive jewelry you have received.
Your cherished pieces of jewelry are some of your most valued possessions within your home. Each piece is a symbol that carries a memory of a loved one. Protecting your jewelry is just as important as protecting anything with great value within your home. Jewelry symbolizes such a beautiful aspect of life, weather it be a memory or of a person and jewelry with this great symbolization should be warn. Protecting your jewelry within your home insurance policy will give you peace of mind when wearing your jewelry. Having an insurance policy to safeguard your jewelry will not only honor the financial value but what each piece represents.
If you want to protect your valuable jewelry within your home insurance policy, call Spivey Insurance Group at 704-821-4460. Share your most cherish pieces of jewelry with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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