Are Higher Deductibles a Healthy Decision?

With the economy weak, Americans are searching for anyway possible to save some money. However, some are starting to take it too far by sacrificing on their health insurance. Charlotte NC doctors are starting to wonder if the money saving option of higher deductibles is resulting in a greater lack of the use of preventive health care for consumers. It is worried that the low premium, high deductible plans are causing people to skip the routine healthcare that could head off serious and sometimes deadly illnesses.

Are high deductibles a healthy decision?
A trend is developing more and more of Americans purchasing the money-saving high deductible health insurance plans. It was found that individuals with a deductible of at least $1,000 has tripled in the last four years to about 20 million people nationwide. Some have even pushed their deductibles to as much as $10,000! So the question is, what’s the trouble with high deductibles if the insurance will still be there as a safety net in case of a medical emergency?
Doctors are finding that the higher a person’s deductible, the more likely they are to avoid preventive health care such as check-ups, blood tests, and more. A recent study by UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research found that 504,000 of the 3 million Californians with high deductibles held off seeing doctors and specialists, and most cited the high cost as their primary reason. Preventive care can be the difference in finding a major health problem early enough to protect against it. For example, by avoiding regular check-ups an individual could delay finding a lump in their breast and by the time it’s finally found, it could be too late. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones!

Be smart and don’t fall into the temptation of high deductibles and avoiding the doctor. Preventive care is the key to living a healthy life! For more information on health insurance Charlotte NC, visit our website today or call 877-318-5951 to speak to one of helpful agents.

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