Are You Moving? Here’s 6 Important Moving Tips

Yes it’s true! People are out, about and moving around. Pool parties, sport practices, vacations and spring beatifications. The most popular but perhaps not the most well known bustle during this time of year is moving residences!

May is national moving month, who knew?! Ok, now that you know, ask yourself this… are you moving? If the answer is yes here are some things to think about.

Research. Research the area that you are moving to. It’s important know about the community that you are moving into for financial as well as social reasons. The cost of living could be higher in one area than over another. Also, some communities are livelier than others and have community events planned weekly. If a quiet background scene is what you and your family expects then a community with weekly excitement isn’t the best fit. Spend some time in the specified area that you are looking into renting or owning that home.

Schools. Find out the quality of the schools within the area if you have children. Schools often bring the community together and are good predictors of a community and its future.

Daily Commute. Keep in mind your daily commute that you may have to take to and from the work place. We often underestimate the commute until we realize that it’s a much further distance that we thought.

Using a Realtor or Acquiring a Home on Your Own. There are many advantages to using a realtor. Weigh the positives and negatives of using a certified realtor or being adventurous and securing that home on your own.

The Act of Moving. Be very cautious when selecting a moving company! They all could offer you the lowest price to help you move all your valuables but they can’t all offer you the amount of trust and respect that you look for in them! Build a personable relationship with the movers themselves! In some cases renting a truck and moving the family is cheaper and safer than hiring someone. Either way, make sure that your belongings are being handled like you would like them to be handled.

Security. Whether it’s a temporary rental home that you’re moving into or the home of your dreams make sure its insured! Your possessions inside a rental property are your responsibility to insure. A landlord only carries insurance on the physical structures on the property, not your precious belongings inside those structures. Rental insurance will cover your inside personal things. 

That beautiful dream home needs to be protected as well! Home insurance covers the structure, replacement costs as well as liability costs.

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