6 Tips to Help Organize Your Garage

Everything that we don’t want in the house we put it in the garage! No wonder why our garages are messy.

Here are some tips to make your garage an organized extension of our home instead of that dump it has become.

Shelves Shelves Shelves! Thinking vertically is key! If you put things on shelves, you will gain floor space in the garage. That means that walking will no longer be challenging!

Plastic Containers/Tubs. These tubs and containers help to group like things together and keep belongings clean and safe.

Paint. Yes, it’s just the garage. Although we see it everyday like we do any other room in the house, so don’t be afraid to add some color. Also, painting the garage floor helps to keep things cleaner, brighter and you won’t have to worry about slipping if it’s wet.

Label. If you absolutely can’t put those boxes on a shelve, label them! Label and mark each box that you have stacked on the floor so you will be able to identify them much easier.

Simplify. The less clutter the better. Everything doesn’t have to be displayed on a shelve or hanging on a bracket. Cabinets hanging in a corner can give a nice look as well as “hide” some of those items and it will give your garage a cleaner appearance.

Bring in the troops. This will most likely be a forced family fun event so inform the family that they will be helping to clean up the garage!

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