Grilling Steak Tips: It’s National BBQ Month

For all of you meat lovers out there, nothing beats a great steak that’s been cooked to tender, juicy perfection. Since May is National BBQ Month, here are a few tips and tricks that will come in handy when you get ready to fire up your grill.

Charcoal Or Gas?

For the serious grilling aficionado, this is an important question. While charcoal grills offer a unique and distinct flavor, gas grills work just as well when it comes to delivering mouth-watering steaks. However, some people claim that gas grills produce a “gas” taste to their meat. This shouldn’t happen. If it does, you should check your grill to make sure there are no dangerous fuel leaks or other malfunctions. Since gas grills are powered by pressurized propane tanks, the slightest malfunction could result in a disastrous and deadly explosion. Always make sure whatever equipment you use is working properly.

Let The Grilling Begin

Now for the fun part–preparing and cooking the meat. Always tenderize/season your steaks in advance. If you’re the type who prefers marinade, let that be your only seasoning, since marinades tend to be salty in nature. If you’re using dry seasonings or spices, limit those to only two or three. For best results, let the steaks marinate overnight or all day in the fridge. For dry seasonings, it’s safe to use meat tenderizer (flavored or unflavored), and one or two more seasonings of your choice. Some people stab their steaks in order to let the seasonings “sink in”, while others don’t. Brushing the steaks with butter is a unique idea that some people swear by. Once your steaks have been seasoned, let the grilling begin! The grill should be clean, and some people prefer to wrap the grilling rack with aluminum foil. Place the meat on the rack and allow it to cook for at least five minutes or more per side, depending upon how done you like your steak. Enjoy!

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