Congratulations Class of 2013!

Four years of exams, research papers and countless hours in the library has all led to this…Graduation! Weather you are a student in an undergraduate program who will soon be graduating or you are a proud parent looking to see a cap and gown on a graduating degree holder, this is an exciting time!

Achieving a bachelor’s degree has become a pathway to success and change. An estimated statistic from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has predicted that almost 1.8 million students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2013.

Where does a recent graduate do now…? Ensure that any acquired or soon to acquire assets are in order and that any insurance needs are made a priority! A checklist that a recent graduate needs to keep in mind is disclosed below.

Auto insurance. A shiny new car, whether owned or leased, holds appeal for newly employed college grads. Auto insurance helps cope with the expenses of accidents, vandalism or theft.

Homeowners or renters insurance. College gradates starting out may not own a home yet, but may rent an apartment or a house. To make sure your possessions are protected renters insurance offers comprehensive coverage whether at home or traveling.

Umbrella policy. An umbrella policy can provide another level of protection. For example, if you’re renting an apartment and accidentally start a cooking fire that burns down the building and destroys the personal property of other residents, the coverage limit on your renters policy may not be enough to cover the damage, so having an umbrella policy could provide you with additional coverage.

Health insurance. Under the new federal health care law, children can remain on their parent’s health insurance coverage until age 26. With unemployment and under-employment high among those in their early twenties, this can provide many recent graduates with health insurance until they can get it through their employer or an individual policy.

Life insurance. New grads may find a job with an employer that offers group term life insurance coverage. However, those with children may find it worthwhile to buy additional term life insurance or permanent life insurance, which builds cash value over time.

Disability insurance. This is a vital but often-overlooked insurance coverage. It provides income when a person is injured or disabled, whether on the job or off.

It’s time to celebrate your monumental victory! Continue to excel while securing what you’ve already accomplished.

Wishing you all great success from Spivey Insurance Group!
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