Avoid the After-Lunch Drag

The after-lunch drag is a very real phenomena. After eating, most people begin to feel sluggish, and the time of day just makes it worse. After-lunch drag can not only destroy productivity, but it can also be dangerous, because tired employees are more prone to accidents and injuries.

Avoid Sugar And Caffeine During Lunch
Often, the reason that people begin dragging after lunch is because they consumed caffeine or sugar either during the morning or during lunch. Once sugar and caffeine wear off, they can cause a person to crash. Caffeine in general can lead to problems with exhaustion because it can affect a person’s normal sleep schedule.

Try Not To Over Eat
Overeating during lunch will make anyone feel tired, in fact it’s one of the major reasons people start feeling sluggish after a good meal. The process of digestion is fairly intense, and can zap a person’s energy. When a person’s stomach is too full, it’s very difficult to think about anything besides curling up for a nap. When eating at lunch, employees should keep their meals light and use small, healthy snacks to curb their appetite.

Develop Good Sleeping Habits
Better sleeping habits in general are a great way to increase a person’s health. Getting a good night’s rest can help an employee’s mood and productivity, and will also give them the energy they need to avoid a mid-morning crash. Losing sleep the night previous is the easiest way to start feeling exhausted during the day.

Try Natural Remedies
There are many natural remedies to exhaustion that can give an employee a boost when they need it the most. These remedies usually include herbs and vitamins that can counteract the sleepy, early afternoon feeling. Since this feeling usually does pass within a few hours, the natural remedies only need to be active for a brief time.



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