The Importance Of Liquor Liability Coverage For Your Charlotte Area Restaurant

When you decide to operate a restaurant one of the many decisions you must make is if you are going to serve alcohol.
Serving alcohol can certainly increase your bottom line profit but it also comes with it’s own set of problems. 

Let’s talk about liquor liability coverage. 
If you are serving Liquor at your restaurant you are required to have this type of ins. coverage by state law. 
If you have any claims filed against your restaurant establishment, liquor liability coverage would handle any claims of injury or damage that were a result of a customer being served alcohol. 
Liquor liability coverage fills the gap created by the exclusion in general liability policies applying to businesses directly involved in the sale, distribution, manufacturing or serving of alcoholic beverages.

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Liquor liability is a necessary coverage that you will need if you are serving liquor in your restaurant. 
Let’s face reality, opening up or managing a restaurant is stressful enough, don’t get bogged down with the worries of all the details of insurance and coverages that you need to be fully covered with your business. That is our job here at Spivey Insurance. 
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Our goal is for you to get back to doing what you enjoy, which is managing your restaurant business, let us worry about the insurance requirements. 
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