Encourage Eye Safety at Your Business

Your eyes are one of your most valued possessions, and you can protect them by following safety procedures at all times. Many eye injuries happen at work. Dust, chemicals and other items can splash into your eyes causing permanent eye damage. This month is an ideal time for you to start protecting your eyes from possible damage. A few tips can help a business to know what kind of eye safety protection is needed at the workplace.

Because eye injuries can be costly to a business, employers will want to protect their employee’s eyes. Employers know that an employee cannot work if they cannot see, and the injured employees will seek benefits from their insurance, which can be expensive for the business. Employers can provide adequate protection to each employee to prevent these injuries and cost. Eye protection can consist of wearing goggles, face shields or safety glasses. The items should fit properly without slipping to benefit the employee the most.

Goggles cushion the face and protect the eyes from various elements. The goggles offer a flexible fitting and ventilation to protect the eyes from the bottom, top and sides. They are good for industries that use materials that can produce sparks, chemical splashes or dust. Some industries might choose to use a face shield, which is made to protect the entire face. Safety glasses can be added to the face shield for extra protection.

Since eye injuries are common in a workplace, employers can encourage their employees to protect their eyes by wearing the proper protection. Safety experts have discovered that those who wore proper eye protection had less severe injuries than those who chose to ignore protecting the eyes.

Online resources can help a business choose the proper eye protection for their type of industry. Each industry is different and may need a different type of protection. Wearing the wrong type of protection can be as bad as not wearing any eye protection at all. This month, each business can encourage the workers to protect their eyes by offering them the proper eye gear.

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