Berry’s Bees

Berry’s Bees was established in 2010, and have been expanding ever since!

Who is Berry’s Bees and what do they do? …Great question which leads to another question of why you haven’t heard of them before. Today, you will hear and learn why Berry’s Bees is making a buzz in our community!

Berry’s Bees has locations throughout our local community. Including, Matthews, Waxhaw and Marshville. They sell honeybee made products that have many positive benefits to our bodies. They’ve also made a commitment to protecting honeybees. They educate the local community through presentations and even offer services like bee removal and pollination services.

Providing local honeybee made products and helping to preserve honeybees is Berry’s Bees mission!

Want to know more? Visit them on facebook or visit their website!

Website- http://goo.gl/pcCNC
FB contact- http://goo.gl/et63Z

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 704-821-4460 or 877-318-5951

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