Beware of Burglars

Burglaries tend to increase during the holiday season, but what about afterwards? It is always smart to be aware and protect your home against theft the best you can. Thieves in the neighborhood pay attention to what residents leave at the curbside for garbage pick-up. If expensive or name brand wrapping is exposed this might spark an interest in that particular home. Make sure all doors, windows, and entry ways are locked. Periodically check your home to see if anything looks out of the ordinary or tampered with. Thieves who plan their robberies tend to watch the home for some time. Switch up your normal routine and this will make it hard for the thief to execute the robbery. If you plan on going out of town for a few days, trick burglars into thinking no one every left. Have neighbors or relatives keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent a robbery. There are in-home security systems that can provide assistance in protecting against theft. Many robbers become frightened once they hear an alarm system go off. You might want to think twice before putting the spare key under the door mat. Thieves are becoming smarter and we must outsmart them. In many cases acting with common sense can prevent theft. If your home is broken into and items are missing, make sure you are covered by a homeowners insurance policy and report it to the police immediately. When a homeowner has completed a detailed home inventory, this can speed up the insurance claim process.

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