What Can LinkedIn Do For Your Business?

LinkedIn has been around for several years now, but many professionals and businesses have yet to grasp the concept of it. It is a remarkable tool to connect and network with colleagues and experts in your area or related field. LinkedIn also consists of a large market of job seekers and recruiters. It is the largest business professional social networking site. LinkedIn is a network full of influential people all over the world. It brings business people together through unique ways allowing them to learn about your business, job opportunities, and brand. It is an effective way to market and gain interest in your business.

LinkedIn is a network consisted of 160 million members located all over the world. LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive and a great way to jump start new businesses and keep customers interacted with established businesses. LinkedIn offers four different account types: Free, Business ($23.99/MO), Business Plus ($47.99/MO), and Executive ($75.99/MO). With each upgraded account more premium features are added. If your business has a regularly updated blog, LinkedIn is a great way to share and promote it. Blogs can either promote the user or a specific business. LinkedIn is only effective if the account is actively used and updated. By posting blogs to LinkedIn and other social media sites it presents your message to a broad audience.

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