Can My Homeowners Policy Cover Weather Related Issues?

North Carolina weather can be very unpredictable especially during the spring months of April and May. We have already experienced heavy down pours at times. One moment it can be a beautiful afternoon and in a blink of an eye it can turn into a thunder and lightning storm.
We cannot change weather nor can we predict it 100 percent correctly every single time. During crazy storms one might think what kind of damage is this causing to my home? Our homes can easily be exposed to harsh elements, especially with the different weather changes. Most homes may not show damage automatically, but it’s possible that severe damage may occur especially during the months of season change.
We do not have the force or control to change the weather, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself by having an affordable, but quality Homeowners Insurance Policy.
A North Carolina homeowner’s policy can include several different things, but the standard coverage’s are:
• The physical dwelling
• Certain detached structures like sheds and garages
• Your personal property
• Liability issues to defend you against lawsuits
It’s never a bad idea to add extra coverage to your homeowner’s policy to give yourself complete peace of mind reduces the risk as much as possible. Owning a property can be risky if not fully protected. You can also choose to add different features to cover on your policy. Other features can be added such as:
• Flood Insurance policies
• Earthquake insurance policies
• Umbrella Insurance policies
• And much more!
If you are concerned whether or not you have a sufficient homeowner’s policy, call our office today at 704-821-4460 to speak with one of our experienced agents.

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