Is Your Car on the Unsafe List?

For most of us, we have the burden of driving every day. It has become more dangerous than ever, especially with all of our electronic devices. Have you ever considered or thought about how safe your vehicle is? Some vehicles are considerably more dangerous than others. Buying a vehicle is a major decision not only financially, but for safety reasons as well. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle for a teen driver, yourself, or other family member it is important to know how safe the vehicle is. When you get in the driver’s seat of your vehicle you want to feel secure and protected. Driving is unpredictable and by having a safe vehicle it can potentially reduce the risk of damage or injury. Here is a list of the top ten vehicles made in 2011 with the highest rates of driver deaths. Is your vehicle on the list?
1. Kia Rio (Four-Door Mini Car)
2. Nissan Versa Sedan (Four-Door Small Car)
3. Hyundai Accent (Four-Door Mini Car)
4. Chevrolet Aveo (Four-Door Mini Car)
5. Hyundai Accent (Two-Door Mini Car)
6. Chevrolet Camaro Coupe (Large Vehicle)
7. Chevrolet Silverado (Large Vehicle)
8. Honda Civic (Two-Door Small Car)
9. Nissan Versa Hatchback (Four-Door Small Car)
10. Ford Focus (Four-Door Small Car)

Check out this link to read more information and how many deaths were associated with each vehicle.

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