Carolina Insurance: Should Earthquake Coverage Be Considered?

We all make the mistake of thinking that since we aren’t in California or on the west coast earthquakes are a non-existent threat. But the strong Tuesday quake in Virginia that was felt up and down the east coast has people second-guessing that thought. Mother Nature is an unpredictable monster; one can never guess where and when she’s going to strike next and how extreme the effects will be. That’s where Carolina insurance comes in handy!

The best way to shield you and your family from an emotional and financial crisis is to be prepared and fully protected. Does that mean that now is the time to consider purchasing earthquake insurance? While it may seem like a remote possibility in our area, Tuesday’s 5.9 Virginia quake that was felt all the way up in Canada shows that now it’s more important than ever for property owners to review their coverage. California may seem like the area most in danger, but in reality the most deadly earthquake in the U.S. on record actually occurred in the Midwest. In 1811, on the largest U.S. quakes on record rocked New Madrid, Missouri and caused what is equivalent to $100 billion in damage when measured in our economy!

Earthquakes are widespread and dangerous, and searching Carolina insurance for earthquake coverage is an important step in protecting you and your family. Coverage can be purchased as either a rider to existing property insurance, or as a supplemental policy. The cost varies according to the location, along with both the type and age of the building being covered. According to the Insurance Information Institute, an earthquake policy on the east coast may cost less than 50 cents per $1000 worth of coverage.

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