How to Celebrate National Car Insurance Day

This Saturday, February 1 is National Car Insurance Day! Even if it’s not as exciting as Christmas or the Super Bowl, here at Spivey Insurance we think it’s a cause for celebration! Rather than thinking about having to buy car insurance as a punishment, we hope we can help you see that purchasing the proper car insurance is really an investment in your future.

Sure, nobody likes spending their hard-earned cash on insurance. That’s completely understandable since if you’ve never been in an accident, you never use the product your car insurance is providing. It may seem like you’re throwing your money down a black hole. Accidents do happen though — all the time. According to the DMV, there were 281,685 reported car crashes in North Carolina in 2018 alone. That breaks down to an average of over 770 per day. That is no small number, so never think it can’t happen to you!

It is very tempting to settle on the least expensive option for car insurance, but how well is that policy really protecting you if you were to get into an accident? At Spivey Insurance, we regularly see claims that cost upwards of $100,000, which is well over the North Carolina auto insurance limit minimums of $25,000 for property damage and $30,000 for bodily injury. If you’re going for the cheapest option with the state minimum limits, you are putting yourself at risk of paying out thousands of dollars from your own pocket. After the limit on your car insurance policy has been reached, you are still responsible for the remainder of the cost of property damage and/or medical bills. 

We’ve thrown out some scary numbers in this blog, but we don’t want it to be all doom and gloom! The great news is that increasing the limit on your car insurance policy is fairly inexpensive. Protecting yourself from potentially paying thousands of dollars may cost less than an additional $20 per month. Be sure to contact your Spivey Insurance agent to learn more. 

We hope we’ve shown you how important it is to find the right car insurance policy, not just the least expensive. That’s really what National Car Insurance Day is all about — reviewing your insurance options to best protect yourself and your family. 

At Spivey Insurance, we care about making sure you’re safe and properly protected on the road. Call us at 704-821-4460 or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest so we can help you secure the best car insurance policy for your family’s needs. 

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