Ideas for a Free Valentine’s Day Gift or Date

While Valentine’s Day can be an enjoyable time, sometimes the pressure to spend money on extravagant gifts or fancy dinners can overshadow the fact that Valentine’s Day should just be about spending time with your significant other. Since at Spivey Insurance we know that budgets are tighter than ever, we want to offer some inexpensive or free Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas. Some of these will work as activities to do with your kids to make their Valentine’s Day special too. 

  • Take a walk or bike ride. Getting out into nature together away from technology can be very romantic. 
  • Spend the day as a tourist. Sometimes you can spend so much time in a place you take its beauty for granted. We have some truly magnificent sights in the Charlotte area as well as the rest of North Carolina. Get out and enjoy them! 
  • Write a poem or song. If you’re artistically inclined, there’s no better personal gift than words from the heart. Even if you’re not so artistically inclined, it might give you both a good laugh!
  • Get some comfort food. Food at upscale restaurants is great, but admit it: you still love all those cheap foods from your childhood. Whatever it is — Kraft mac n’ cheese, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, Lucky Charms, Twinkies or other kid foods — indulge in a cheap meal with a side of nostalgia!
  • Bake some homemade treats. Rather than buying a box of chocolates, bake some cookies or brownies for a more personal touch. 
  • Remember your favorite moments. Going through all the pictures on your phones (or physical photos if you’ve been together that long!) and reliving the best moments from your relationship is a great way to spend a romantic evening. 
  • Make a playlist. Some of our best moments in life are accompanied by music. If you’re married, what songs were played at your wedding? Was there a song in the background the first time you kissed? Apps like Spotify make it easier than ever to compile a playlist to remember and cherish those special moments in your relationship. 
  • Attend a festival or concert. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so there are sure to be inexpensive events happening in your area on or the weekend after the 14th. 
  • Recreate your first date. If you’re still in the general vicinity of where you had your first date, go back there and relive those early, butterflies-in-the-stomach days.  
  • Tackle one of their responsibilities. Want to show your special someone how much you love them? Sometimes all it takes is doing something that’s normally their responsibility so they can relax! 

However you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day, your neighbors at Spivey Insurance hope you have a wonderful time! Spread the love, and be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest

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