Celebrate Valentine’s Day With More Chocolate

Americans love their chocolate, and no day is more welcoming to this beloved candy than Valentine’s Day. Neilsen reports that when Valentine’s Day arrives, Americans spend about $345 million to purchase the perennial candy favorite. While most candy gets a bad name as being unhealthy for teeth and overall health, chocolate reigns supreme among all other candies as the one that is actually good for you. Dozens of studies support chocolate as a health food that can improve everything from heart health to vision. Here’s what we know so far.

Chocolate might lower BMI

A 1,000 person strong study performed in California showed that when people consumed more chocolate, they had a lower overall BMI than those that ate chocolate less frequently. The BMI, or body mass index, is important in diagnosing obesity and gauging weight problems.

Chocolate helps you eat less

Chocolate is incredibly filling, as people that receive it on Valentine’s Day can attest. When you’re full, you eat less. So even though chocolate is packed full of calories and sugar, it is usually consumed in natural moderation. Appetite suppression is helpful to those that are trying to lose weight for health purposes.

Chocolate as a natural cough suppressant

Chocolate contains something called theobromine, which has been shown to suppress activity of the nerve that causes coughing. Eat more chocolate and cough less.

Chocolate is a natural mood booster

Most folks have reported that they feel an immediate boost in mood after consuming chocolate. Some of it comes from the fact that chocolate tastes so good, but the ingredients of chocolate are to blame for this wonderful side effects.

With all of these positives, it’s no wonder that Americans give out chocolate as a gift. It feels like you’re consuming something that’s bad for you, while actually being good for you, and to most of us that’s the perfect food.



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