How To Buy General Liability Insurance In Monroe, NC

One of the best things a small business operating in Monroe, NC can do for themselves is to make sure you have a comprehensive general liability insurance policy. 

Starting and running a small business anywhere is hard work. We certainly are aware of that ourselves.
Spivey Insurance has been in business for a long time and we have helped hundreds of local business by taking care of their business insurance needs in Monroe and the entire Charlotte, NC area. 
When we consult with a business and review their business insurance needs, we generally begin with a review of their general liability insurance for Monroe
General liability insurance protects your business against claims like bodily injury or property damage. 
You absolutely must protect your business from these types of claims. 
We see a lot of businesses establishing themselves in Monroe, NC and there is good reason for it. 

Those folks who live in the area now, understand why we have such a great place to live and operate a business.


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If you have lived in Monroe, NC the last few years you are surely aware of the growth we have experienced. 
Union County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation for many years. 
As of the 2010 Census, there were over 36,000 people living in the city limits of Monroe. 
The median age of our citizens is said to be 31 years old.
Here is an interesting fact, for every 100 females there are 102.5 males. There should be no excuse that a girl can’t get a date in Monroe! 
The growth of Monroe and our close proximity to Charlotte, NC has created a great climate for small businesses as well as large business here in Monroe. 
Monroe has an excellent Chamber of Commerce with an active membership. 
Monroe’s geographical location is such that you can drive to the mountains in 2 hours and you can be dipping your toes in the ocean in 3 hours. 
The Monroe/Charlotte Executive Airport serves businesses in Monroe, NC and located less than an hour from the center of Charlotte. 
There are so many reasons for starting a business here that we can’t begin to list them all. 
One thing for sure is we are here to help with your business insurance in Monroe, Charlotte or the entire state. 
Give us a call at 704-821-4460 for a free sit down consultation and find out why so many business owners choose Spivey Insurance for all their business insurance needs.

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