Charlotte Boat Insurance From The Spivey Group

Charlotte Boat Insurance

When you are on the water you want to make every minute count.

This is not the time to be thinking about insurance. Its fun time folks with that boat that you love.

If you own a watercraft, ask Spivey Insurance, an independent agent, about an affordable boat insurance policy. They will craft a policy that meets your needs while you focus on enjoying your boat.

With the Spivey Insurance Group you get the confidence that your boat is fully protected.

Confidence that if the fun hits an unexpected snag, you’ll be back on the water fast.

Spivey offers custom coverage options that you choose. They don’t just sell you a boat policy without explaining all the options and extra protection you may need.

Every boat owner needs the basics, liability and physical damage.

Let Spivey Insurance discuss the other coverages you may need,that you just won’t find on a homeowners policy.

For years local boat owners have depended on Spivey Insurance for their insurance knowledge and affordable policies.

Call, visit their website or stop by their office and discuss all your insurance needs boat or otherwise over a cup of coffee with a local agency who cares about you.


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