Charlotte North Carolina Flood Insurance

It’s no secret that our local area has seen substantial amounts of rain within the past few weeks. In fact more than seven inches of rain within the past two months!

 More importantly, our forecast shows that we have a possibility to have another wet period near the end of summer into autumn. Excessive run off from heavy rains can and will begin to deteriorate your home.

Can you risk you and your family by not having flood insurance if something happens to your home?

Flood insurance covers the costs from flood damage, due to surface water. Homeowner’s policies cover water damage from faulty pipes and accidental water damage from water systems associated with the home, not from flooding or surface water.

 If you have questions or concerns about the need for flood insurance call us, we can assist you with finding out if flood insurance is something that you need to protect you and your family.

We are your source for Charlotte North Carolina Flood Insurance.


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