Charlotte Renters Insurance And Your College Bound Student

Today, lets cover the subject of renters insurance. Not everyone needs renters insurance but it is a policy we sell more these days than in the past. 

The surge in these types of policies boils down to the economy it seems. 
More people are renting than buying it seems and if you have a college bound student living in an Apartment or dorm there can be 2 answers to the question if you need a renters policy. 
If your student is age 24 or younger and they are staying on-campus in a dorm or apartment, a renters policy is not needed. They will actually be covered under their Mom or Dad’s current homeowners policy. 
If your student is age 25 or over, they will be required to carry a renters policy. 
Off campus policies can be rather inexpensive. Here at Spivey Insurance, we’ve written renters policies for as little as $10 per month. 
These policies cover personal belongings in the event you must file a claim. 
Another frequent question we get is a lot of parents ask if they can remove their student from their auto policy once the student goes to college? 
That answer would be no. Your student will be coming home for breaks and there would be too great a chance that they would drive one of your vehicles. Insurance companies will not allow a student to be removed from these policies. 
If you need renters insurance in Charlotte or anywhere in the state, we will be very happy to to answer any questions and offer you quotes and the lowest renters policy rates than can be found. 
A simple call to 704-821-4460 and you can be covered and have that peace of mind when that student of yours heads out for higher learning.

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