Training a Puppy to Be Obedient

Do you have a new puppy who still hasn’t gotten rid of his or her puppy tendencies? New puppies can be a lot to deal with because they’re often very hyper and misbehaved so it’s normal if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, our agency has some information that can be useful for disobedient dogs.
                                                          training puppies.jpg
•    Be stern: Don’t allow your dog too much freedom when it’s a puppy or else it will never learn. Dogs are smart and will learn boundaries, that way when they know the limitations they’ll know when it’s ok to bend the rules sometimes.
•    Be realistic: Your dog isn’t going to be an angel every single minute of every day, no dog is. Because of this, understand that your dog is still going to be bad sometimes because it’s a dog so know what you are getting into.
•    Rewards: A best practice is to teach your dog the concept of “rewards” early so they will understand the command and be obedient if you dangle a treat in front of them.

Nothing is more exciting than getting your family’s first puppy, but it can be a lot of work at the beginning. Follow the tips above and contact us today if you have any more questions!


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