How to Choose the Best Insurance Agent: Independent or Captive

In this day and age we are presented with a lot of options and choices when it comes to which insurance company to choose and which coverage’s and policies we need. In the world of insurance there are generally two types of agents: independent and captive. An independent agent has the ability to offer more options than a captive agent. This is where the real value of an independent agent comes in. Independent agents can look at your personal situation and “shop” around to find policies and customize them to best fit your needs.

Independent agents can often provide discounts by combining products from multiple insurance companies and offer several different price quotes. They also have ability to advocate on your behalf during claims. Independent agents do not receive the national recognition that captive agents do. Captive agents can only sell you insurance from one company and are limited to the products that they can sell. Captive agents are obliged to only sell from the company that they work for. They do not always offer the best policy or cheapest price. Large brand name companies that spend lots of money on advertising are examples of captive agents.

Spivey Insurance Group is an independent agent and we represent many insurance companies. We are able to find our customer’s the best price, coverage, and service. Call Spivey Insurance Group today at 704-821-4460 to speak directly with one of our agents.

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