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Life insurance is one of those subjects that may not be easy to understand all of the benefits it affords you and your family.

In it’s most simple form, there are generally 2 types of life insurance. Term Life & Whole life. 
Term life insurance means you are covered for a very specific time period and the rates remain constant.
Usually the premiums are lower for higher amounts of coverage. 
When the term insurance policy expires, the rates you pay can also change.
At the end of the policy, there is no equity or cash value. 
A policy that is considered to be more permanent, is whole life insurance. 
You generally carry a whole life policy your entire life and the policy does build a cash value.
You can expect to pay higher premiums. 
The main point is to not let all of this intimidate you. That’s why we are here at Spivey Insurance. 
We make the complicated simple. 
Let us help you evaluate what your insurance needs are and make a plan that will protect your family and business while saving you money at the same time.
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