Have you Considered Purchasing Engagement Ring Insurance?

If you recently got engaged or plan on proposing soon then make sure the engagement ring has insurance on it. Wedding season is particularly popular during the spring months and many couples are getting married. Getting engaged is one of the most memorable experiences in someone’s life and having a burglar break into your home and steal it can ruin your special moment. When couples become engaged this signifies the next step in the relationship. The engagement ring is a big investment and needs to be insured. Planning a wedding can be very hectic, but couples need to consider purchasing engagement ring insurance. Without the ring, can there really be a wedding? No matter how much the ring cost it is worth protecting it.

The sentimental value behind the ring is priceless, but the rings themselves can be replaced if they are insured. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension or “rider” to you renters or homeowner’s policy. If the ring is lost or stolen then this type of policy will cover the loss. No one plans on losing their engagement ring, but accidents do happen and in this case you want to be prepared. If the ring is lost it could be a serious financial hit. Speak with an agent at Spivey Insurance Group and we can help you with the process of insuring that precious ring. Give us a call today at 704-821-4460. Check out our video on that explains engagement ring insurance.

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