Customized Trucks need Insurance

Flashy, king-sized trucks are always fun whether you drive one daily or have one sitting around for special occasions. Finding a parking spot that your super truck will fit in is just about as aggravating as getting into the cabin of your pride and joy.

The attention grabber that you’ve invested so much into could be damaged accidently as you show it off around town, or during your daily commute. No big deal, you do have insurance for that, right?

Yes, insurance is made for the mistakes in life! Although auto insurance protects against certain things, some policies may not cover all customizations that you’ve worked so hard to acquire for your vehicle. Yikes!

It’s ok! If you have a vehicle that has modifications let us know here at Spivey Insurance Group, so we can check your policy to make sure you are safeguarded. If you’re in the market to upgrade and distinguish your ride, Rowell’s Truck Accessories in Indian Trail provides customizations to all makes and models alike. Rowell’s Truck Accessories and Spivey Insurance Group partner to ensure that your investment is cool and protected!

Remember if you have spent the money to customize your vehicle those added features will need to be protected. Call us today it only takes a minute to cover you properly. 704.821.4460

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