Need Better Fuel Mileage? Here’s How to Get It

With the price of fuel steadily on the rise, it is now more important than ever to try different methods to conserve gas. Here are some tips to help keep gas consumption to a minimum. Over time, the savings will begin to add up.

Cruise To Stoplights
The most effective weapon against the war on steep gas prices resides in your foot. Drivers should never race from one stoplight to the next. Learn to let the car cruise to a stoplight under its own momentum. Simply release pressure off the accelerator to allow the vehicle to roll. Modern cars are designed to burn no fuel as they roll along without throttle. On the other hand, idling at a stop causes a substantial amount of gas being wasted.

Gutted Interior
For years, amateur race car drivers have gutted the interior of their cars. This is done in an effort to decrease the curb weight of the vehicle. Not only does this modification result in a quicker car, the fuel consumption is also decreased. A lighter car means that the engine is put under less stress. For the daily drivers who own an old beater, this is a worthwhile option. Although you may want to keep the front passenger seat, there is no need to retain the backseats if they are never put to use.

It is no surprise that scooters and motorcycles burn significantly less fuel. They make perfect sense for commuting short distances. The car should be reserved for extended highway driving and family commutes. A decent used scooter can be found for less than $2000. Taking a safety course will teach riders important tips.

Engine Swap
The purchase of a new vehicle may out of the question for many people. However, an engine swap could be well within their reach. Many cars can easily have their engine swapped for one that delivers significantly more fuel economy. All it takes is a little research and a capable mechanic.

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