A Disaster Management Plan for Business Owners

While business owners are no doubt focusing on the growth of their company, many fail to properly prepare for any number of mishaps that could prove to be disastrous. Whether it is a local power outage or a large-scale natural disaster, it is essential to have a contingency plan with one’s sensitive data, financial records, vendors, and even alternate locations to run the business.

The easiest way to ensure that a business is not permanently harmed by a disaster is to take a thorough look at the insurance policy. All business owners should have a comprehensive business owner’s policy that includes a number of stipulations that will protect the company after common issues such as theft, vandalism, floods, or fires. Not only are these policies a legal requirement in most municipalities, they will also provide the finances that are needed to quickly get a company back on its feet.

The next step is to take a look at the sensitive data that must be protected at all times. There should always be a backup of vital company information including tax records, financial records, and the personal data of both employees and clients. This can be done in multiple ways, but most companies will want to opt for an offsite server or cloud server that utilizes business-grade encryption.

The final step is to have a complete contingency plan for all major assets of the company. Whether it is losing access to a vendor or a local fire, business owners should have a current plan available to run the company from a remote location if possible. While every single detail does not need to be outlined, all important steps should already be covered before the disaster. This includes an alternate location for an office, safe storage of products, alternate vendors, and the ability to safely evacuate staff and clients at a moment’s notice.

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