Ditchin’ LLC: Spivey Insurance Group Partner of the Month

Here at Spivey Insurance Group we like to frequently recognize businesses and companies for all their hard work in the community. If you are like many homeowners you probably want to make sure your yard is looking neat and clean for the upcoming fall season. A lot of those outside tasks require hard work and labor. We have the company just for you!

Owned and operated by Benji Brasington, Ditchin’ LLC is a construction company that is located in the Buford Area near Lancaster, SC. This company specializes in grading, digging ditches, trenching, septic systems, and other outside construction needs. Ditchin’ LLC can help assist you with all of your project needs. Here are some examples and pictures of the company’s work.

If there is ever bad weather in our area Ditchin’ LLC is able to handle all your construction needs. Before you start any difficult project on your own, give Ditchin’ LLC a call to see how they could cater to you. They have the tools and resources to make your life a lot easier and your home a lot more remarkable.

To get in contact with Ditchin’ LLC the phone number is (803) 577-4608 and located in the Lancaster, SC area.

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